Retro Disney World Podcast

2 - Contemporary: Amongst the Plexiglass Trees

December 18, 2014

joomplu:3992Welcome to Episode 2 of the Retro Disney World Podcast.  We have had lots of great feedback thus far, we hope you continue to enjoy our retro presentations!

Introductions - The regular crew is all here, Todd, Brian, How & JT are all present and accounted for. How kicks off the podcast with the correct story behind the crying aligator gag in the Jungle Cruise from the last show.

Main Topic - The team starts by mentioning their favorite part of the Contemporary Resort, from there we dive into the overall design, the association with US Steel and how the rooms were constructed. JT gets to say "Like a chest of drawers" a few times while Brian imagines the construction view from Roy's Cabin. Todd struggles with the escalator size and continually gets lost in the Grand Canyon Concourse. We move on to the north & south wings and then ask "What would you pay to stay in a retro Contemporary Room?" Todd once again mixes up Shari Lewis and Phyllis Diller as we move up to the Top of the World. The commercial discussed during the show can be viewed here: US Steel Contemporary Resort Hotel Construction Commercial

Guest Star - We welcome Chad from to the show to discuss his amazing reproduction Paul Hartley map of WDW that hung in the rooms at the Contemporary and Polylnesian Resorts.

Audio Puzzler - Congratulations to Carolyn for winning the Episode #1 Audio Puzzler, the answer was "Foot Power Scene" from World of Motion. . If you think you know the answer to the audio puzzler, email us!  We will enter all correct answers into a drawing for retro prizes! All correct answers will be entered into a drawing in December 2015 for a Paul Hartley reproduction map from!!

Viewer Mail - From David, we discuss a retro WDW Globe souvenier, one that How purchased a number of years back  - Send your questions to

Film Restoration - We watch and discuss a retro film that has been restored with Pixcel and Imageworks. Follow along with us as we add color commentary to this film: Contemporary Resort - 1970s Shag and Flair - Restored Home Movie HD

We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have any questions, suggestions or find errors please email us
Be sure to check back with us in January for Episode #3 when we pay a visit to Fort Wilderness

Until next time, "Do not pull down on the safety bar please...I will lower it for you..."


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