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59 - Tickets and Ephemera

July 8, 2020

Welcome to Episode 59 of the RetroWDW Podcast: “Tickets & Ephemera” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows!  While you are listening, please browse through our entire album of ephemera. We have tons in there and if you click this link, be ready for an adventure that could take up an entire evening. Also, let us know if you have any images you would like to add to this collection, as we are working to make it very comprehensive. 

Comments & Corrections

Last month we had the great food and menu episode and the response was great. Thanks for all the feedback and items shared relating to food stories, menus, and anything else. It sure was fun to sift through and see how much everybody enjoyed it!

  1. Zach wrote in about the breakfast at the Top of the World. His mother chimed in on this memory and confirmed this as well. Thanks so much for the help Zach! Brian also discusses the champagne brunch up there, which was also confirmed.
  2. We next heard from Brian all about the Trophy Room. He tells us about this being a buffet, menu service and then a ticket center type of location. Our Brian gets you some info on this and also reminds us to check out the Golf Resort/Shades of Green Episode we did a number of years back.
  3. Linda is next discussing crepes, onion soup in cast iron kettles at Liberty Tree Tavern, and also our album of the Crystal Palace from the mid-70s. Linda also remembers some selections from the Adventureland Veranda.
  4. Joe writes in about the Sandtrap Restaurant being a hidden gem at WDW. The 18th hole of both courses are visible and the air conditioning was top notch. Joe also tells us there was an official WDW weather channel showing the radar and weather forecast, specifically by Disney.
  5. Finally, Bioreconstruct reaches out about the question we had last month, regarding the Peoplemover and where it is stored. Well, he took a look for us and informed us of what he found. How gives us some more info on this and we discuss in detail. Take a listen to last month’s episode if you would like to get caught up with us.

Listener Mail

Right to the mailbag this month! The bag is full and we love that! Every month, you can possibly get on the show, so be sure to write to us at

  1. We first heard from Jen Miller discussing how she is a Disneyland fan, but she also lived down in Florida. Believe it or not, her father was an actual animator at The Disney-MGM Studios! She even would walk around during operating hours and take in the animators practicing their craft. She shares tons of great memories in this amazing email, along with a couple of quick questions – thank you so much!
  2. Craig wrote us next about Mickey’s Retreat. He wanted to tell us all about his experience and what he saw and did there.  Thanks, Craig!

Questions, Comments & Concerns

We love feedback and hearing your memories!

Drop us a line at or call us and leave a voice mail at 978-71-RETRO. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Audio Rewind

Our audio rewind this month is from Spaceship Earth – Thank you for all the guesses and emails!

We have a winner! Congratulations David Andrews!  – you will be getting a bunch of great Ephemera! – hope you enjoy!

If you think you know the answer to this month’s audio rewind, email us! – This month, the winner will be getting a party package! All entries are due 7/20/2020 and a random winner will be selected.

Main Topic

This month, we are taking you back to the ephemera and this is also guided by you, our listeners. We got some amazing and interesting stuff from our listeners and fans which we couldn’t believe! Ephemera defined by us and most everybody else are things that aren’t souvenirs or sold items. These small items like ticket stubs, napkins, brochures, paper items, and things that aren’t really meant to be kept. Is the biggest and most common piece of ephemera tickets? Well, Todd gets us into some ticket history and items, mostly brought to us from – tons of amazing information here, so check them out!
Throughout this episode, we start you off in 1971 and work our way up. The tickets changed yearly in prices, type, size, and even security measures. Brian gives us a great story which relates to all of us, our parents throwing away ephemera and ‘trash’ – I’ll bet you all have a similar story where something valuable got thrown out by mom or dad.
After our ticket walkthrough, we each go through some different items we find interesting and we also get to hear from some of our listeners and what they have. We hear about the Pirate’s Point Excursion, a complimentary Discovery Island/Pleasure Island ticket, the cast Christmas parties, a Fort Wilderness info sheet taken from the resort, some Canadian sweepstakes winner paperwork, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this look back at some vintage paperwork and ephemera!

-Follow along and look through our ephemera collection here-

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