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50 - Horizons Part II - The Promise

50 - Horizons Part II - The Promise

June 12, 2019


  1. Rick wrote in, regarding The Timekeeper. At one point in the film, The Timekeeper mentions something about “If you had wings”. We find out if that was intentional or not from the director himself.
  2. Connor wrote in discussing “Century 3” and “Future Probe”. The vintage book called Horizons is discussed and some World’s Fair snippets as well. We discuss the possible connections to WDW, EPCOT Center and more.

Read the Horizons Book by Norman Bel Geddes via

Horizons by Norman Del Geddes

Listener Mail

The mail bag is full and we love that! Every month, you can possibly get on the show, so be sure to write us!

  1. Park wrote in asking about Mizner’s and where the name came from. How discusses who it was actually named after and why
  2. Adam asked us about the old Teacher Center brochures we mentioned some episodes back. They are here and here and are very snazzy – enjoy!
    If you have any of the Teacher Center materials, please contact us as we’d love to add them to the galleries and JT would really appreciate it!
  3. Ryan wrote in about aquatic areas at WDW – he really enjoys River Country! Ryan more specifically wants to know about the possibility of live fish at Stormalong Bay. We discuss the possibility of this, our knowledge on pools Stormalong Bay in general.

Thank you for all the emails, tweets and comments you have sent our way. We try to respond to almost everything and do our best to pick unique questions for the show. 

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Audio Rewind

Our audio rewind this month turned out to be The American Adventure! (Listen to Episode 9 – Building the Golden Dream – American Adventure)

We have a winner! Congratulations Heather Manning – you win the VHS copy of ‘A Day at The Magic Kingdom’. You can pick the version you want too! 

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Main Topic

Horizons Part 2 - The Promise

Horizons: Part 2 – The Promise

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here. The classic attraction from EPCOT Center is finally getting time on our podcast and we couldn’t be more excited. Horizons is here and get ready: this is going to take more than one episode!

For Part 2 – The Promise, this is the meat and potatoes episode, ride throughs, scene discussions and so much more. Our discussion starts though with a simple questions: Was Horizons under construction on opening day? Well we get into this with some aerial photography (footings, construction after opening).  From here though, we start this main topic off walking through the front door.  No waiting around and no discussion about the company who made the seals on the front door – although I’m sure some of you would enjoy that fact.

The main entrance had an amazing quote, which has been a controversy for many, many years. The Disney Company misquoted it, many people claim ownership, but we have some BREAKING NEWS on the topic of “If you can dream it, You can do it“. 

The discussion continues and we discuss the queue, known as Future Port. How and Todd paint such a great picture throughout this ride, but be sure to look below at the various galleries and images we have on the site. Each scene is gone through in detail this episode, taking you back on the ride. How gives us a little behind the scenes information and Todd gets technical with some various facts and figures.  

This episode is the one you have been asking for with music, sound effects and everything in between. If you are a fan, have a foggy memory, never ridden or always dreamed of this ride coming back, you have to listen to this episode multiple times. This is one of our longest episodes, but it sure doesn’t seem like it as you listen.  Enjoy!

1983 Horizons Cast Member Guide

We’ve reconstructed the original cast member guide that details each and every scene in Horizons. Click the cover to download and read along with us as we discuss Horizons in this episode:

1983 Horizons Cast Member Guide (EPCOT)

1983 Horizons Cast Member Guide

How’s Mad L’Orange Drink Recipe

Horizons (EPCOT) Mad L'Orange Drink Recipe

Horizons POV Ride-Thru Video


Horizons & EPCOT Documents


Read More About Horizons

Read more about the design and construction of Horizons from:

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